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This is a working resume of sorts. Although i am still young and there are many things i have yet to accomplish, the few things that have brought me here deserves the little recognition i can offer through this page.

About Me

I am an energetic and enganged student in electrical engineering, with a special interest in hardware design, analog circuitry and audio electronics. In my education i have focused my studies on courses such as HF-Tech, Power-Electronics, Sound & Acoustics and special courses on Electron Tubes in Audio Amplification. I have also worked with embedded design in C, C++, Assembly and VHDL as well as embedded Linux. Lastly, i have worked with general DSP i MatLab.

Lately i have ventured into the world of javascript, html, css, yml and ruby, although i still need to learn a lot before i can call myself a true web developer. This website is partly a project for me to learn the ins and outs of back to frontend web development.



As per january 2023 i will begin work as a student helper at Sculpto 3D printers in Aarhus, with the role of designing and optimizing PCB-designs, so the next wave of products can be released with perfectly optimized hardware.


I am currently (dec. 2022) doing my internships at Audiocura. Audiocura is a small company located in Aarhus Denmark, who specialize in audio solutions for the hospital industry in Scandinavia. The current solution under development is a directional speaker, which can be mounted over hospital beds, in a way that allows multiple patients to be listening to music simultaniously, without disturbing each other. My work has been focused on optimizing signal and power integrity on PCB-designs, such as eleminating loss, cross-talk and reflections on the bus, as well as implementing proper PSU protection circuitry.

Institute of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Aarhus University (ECE, AU)

From Aug 2020 to Jan 2024 i am studying electronics with focuses as described earlier on this page. My reason for choosing this study lies in my interest in analog audio electronics and my urge to learn their inner workings. Besides these things i wished of my education to teach me, i have also gotten to like programmming more and more, which is one of the reasons why i have ventured into designing this website.

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